Display Those Key Issues!

Praise be to our Lord and Savior: Amazon. Where you can find anything. Really. ANYTHING.

Speaking of which, as a “laid back” collector of comic books, I found myself recently going through all my comics and realizing almost none of them are displayed at all. Those that are reside in a thick case that does less “protecting” and more “displaying”. So I set off to the interwebs to find durable wall hangers for comics, and more specifically: comics that aren’t graded. Via Amazon, I found “Collector Mount”. Continue reading “Display Those Key Issues!”

The All-Important Comfy Pants

Whether you are always on the go and can wear whatever, or elbow deep in your current video game obsession, you need durable comfy pants. About a year ago I found this brand called Elwood through a test of one of those “mail you a box of clothes” services. I was immediately hooked on the comfy-ass hoodie, ordered another one, and got to poking around the site. Lo and behold: the joggers. Continue reading “The All-Important Comfy Pants”

Welcome to Nerdbone

So pretty often in my life, I come up with ideas. Similarly often, I’m scrolling the internet checking out awesome things that catch my interest on different levels. Then one day it all sort of blended together.

I started Nerdbone as a podcast for everyone that has an interest, with the idea of interviewing people who have something they are passionate about, and talking to my friends about nerd stuff. From D&D to space travel, fashion, music, movies and more, the Nerdbone concept is for us all to share what we love about the world and our interests.

Continue reading “Welcome to Nerdbone”