Welcome to Nerdbone

So pretty often in my life, I come up with ideas. Similarly often, I’m scrolling the internet checking out awesome things that catch my interest on different levels. Then one day it all sort of blended together.

I started Nerdbone as a podcast for everyone that has an interest, with the idea of interviewing people who have something they are passionate about, and talking to my friends about nerd stuff. From D&D to space travel, fashion, music, movies and more, the Nerdbone concept is for us all to share what we love about the world and our interests.

Then one day I thought…..why not collect LITERALLY EVERYTHING we would love, into a single website for people to check out? No advertisements, nothing crazy, just sharing the things we’d love to share in short MEGA-digestible blog posts featuring shit we think you’ll love too. Crazy? You’re darn-tootin.

Check us out on the Tweets and the Instagrams @nerdbone or on our overlord Facebook.com/nerdbonebrand

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